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We would love to spotlight your business, and showcase our work together, by creating a case study, to share throughout our marketing materials. Your feedback will help others see how we can help meet their business needs. Plus, you might even gain some new customers!

We appreciate your time and promise it will be quick and easy! Just follow our eight-step guide to write your testimonial & share images which usually takes about 10-20 minutes, create a video, which takes about 10-30 minutes, and leave a Wix review which only takes 5-10 minutes. Enjoy the process and have fun sharing your story! 

Step 1: Add your project to Wix Marketplace

1. Before you begin, we must currently be a collaborator on your Wix Website to continue with the review. Please add us as a collaborator, if we are not already. Click here for instructions. Once we are a collaborator, or if we were already you can move on, to step two.

2. Make sure you are logged into your Wix account in a separate browser tab.

​​3. Click here to visit our Wix Marketplace Profile.

4. Once you arrive on our profile, click the "contact" or "request a quote" button. Next, pick any service that is similar to our work together, enter the required contact details, and click submit.

5. Within a few minutes you will receive an email, at your email associated with your Wix Account, from us, When you receive the email, please reply to it with a quick “got it”.

6. Once you have replied, you will receive an email from Wix, within a few minutes to a few hours. This email will state that the work you requested in the Wix Marketplace (step 4 above), has been marked complete and that you can now leave a review for us. Leave the Wix email for now, we will come back to it, to leave a review in a later step.

Step 2: Identify your testimonial

Please write your full name and email below so that we can identify your testimonial content. 

(These three fields will not be displayed in your testimonial)

Step 3: Write your testimonial

The information that you submit below will be used to feature your business and our work together throughout our materials, and provide us with feedback to improve our services. If there is a question that doesn't apply to you please write N/A in the answer area.

For our case studies, we like to write a short, sweet, and often humorous little blurb about you and your business. To do this we need your help. Please share with us, any details about your past, where you came from, what your dreams were, what you wanted and why. Then tell us where you are now with your business and what new things are possible. Make sure to include any quirky or fun tidbits about you and your business. Just write what you can, a few sentences will work. Don't worry about the rest, we will rewrite it, and spice it up a bit, before sharing it. Here is an example of a story we wrote about our client Eva and her website :

Eva is pretty much a modern day Wonder Woman, raising her English-speaking family in Israel while accomplishing mighty feats and anything else she sets her mind to. She dreamed of building a bookstore, where Israelis could buy English-written books, whenever their hearts desired. But as you know, Eva doesn't do anything small, she wanted to start her bookstore with over 500 books!!! It was quite the undertaking but we did it, and now her English reading customers all over the land are opening beautifully packaged deliveries, and getting high off that wonderful, fresh book smell. Eva, yet again, has accomplished the unthinkable and is making lives better one book at a time.

Step 4: Upload your pictures for the testimonial

We would like to include a picture of you and your business. Please upload at least one image of you that we could use as a headshot. You are welcome to upload more if you like after that, which could include:

  • full body shots

  • you doing what you love

  • you working at your business, etc. 

We also would love any images of your business, such as:

  • your store front, business door, window, or entry way 

  • daily events

  • products, displays

  • your customers 

  • your employees

  • ads, signs, or posts


*Please make sure that your files are either, Jpeg, PSD, or Adobe Illustrator (AI) file formats​

*We will edit and crop them as needed. 

Step 5: Upload your logo & business graphics if we don't already have them

We would also like to display your logo and/or other brand graphics if needed. Most of the time we will already have these files, and you don't need to send us anything here. However, if we don't have any of these files for your business please upload your logo which is the most important, and then any other brand graphics that you would like to send, which could include: ​

  • Various Brand Graphics

  • Brand Ads ​or Posts

*Please make sure that your files are either, Jpeg, PNG, PSD, Adobe Illustrator (AI), or SVG, file formats.

*We will edit and crop them as needed. 

Step 6: Send us a video testimonial

We would absolutely love to share your video testimonial alongside the work we did together. Our visitors love to watch these, and it brings our team warm fuzzies when we get to hear about how our time together benefited you and your business.

Don't be scared, we will edit the video if needed, all you need to do is record it. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create it, so we have put together a step by step guide, to help you do it quickly and easily while looking as professional and amazing as possible.

1. Write your script, or at least some notes on a piece of paper or screen and hang it in front of you if possible. You can use all of your answers above to create your content easily. Rehearse it a couple of times before filming, so that you can look and speak directly into the camera and not have your eyes elsewhere trying to read.

2. Look your best and make sure your background does as well. Stand or sit in front of a nice backdrop such as:

  • Your business desk​

  • your business storefront, or front counter

  • a beautiful location

  • a solid colored backdrop or wall​​​

3. Make sure you have good lighting. If you have any photography or video lights, put them in front of you shining towards you, and behind the camera of course. You can also use house or desk lamps (daylight colored light bulbs work best, but anything will be better than nothing). Use a lampshade or some paper or a sheet to filter the light as it shines towards you, so there isn’t a glare. You also can sit in front of a window, facing it, so that the light is shining directly towards you.

4. Use a professional camera or video camera if you have one, otherwise you can use your phone or computer camera. If you are using your phone, Make sure to turn your phone sideways so that it films in landscape or wide mode, Make sure to use something to keep the camera steady so that it does not jiggle. Do not hold the camera with your hand or selfie stick as this will make the video hard to watch. Make sure the camera is facing you directly and not at an angle below or above you.

5. If you aren't aren't a video professional and don't know the file type or size, just go ahead, film it, and send it to us. If you do know a bit, then the preferred file types would be .mp4, or .mov, However, we can make almost any video file format work. Videos should be between 480x470 pixels to 1920x1080 pixels, the higher the better.

6. Use a microphone attached to the camera, if you have one, if you don’t that’s ok. make sure you are in a quiet place, and speak loudly and clearly.

7. Smile, relax and have fun with the filming, because you are the main character and the star!

8. Once you have your video ready you can upload it below, if you have any troubles uploading you can always send it to and if it is too large for an email, you can use (a free service), to send it to us.

Ready, Set, Action!

Step 7: Review us on Wix Marketplace

By now you should have received the email from Wix that we discussed in Step 1, Part 6, at the beginning of this Guide. This email will state that your work project from the Wix Marketplace has been marked complete and that you can now leave a review for us. Follow the prompts to leave your testimonial on our Wix Profile, in order to help future potential customers understand what we do best and what you experienced working together with us. You can make this easy by taking some highlights from your answers above, and don't forget to share the aspects you loved the most.

Step 8: Most important - sign the release form & check Yes!

Does Ulu Media have your permission to display your first name, or preferred name listed, together with all information listed by you above, to create a testimonial on our website, in our marketing, and any other places as needed? If yes, please make sure to scroll beneath the submit button and click "sign the release form"to read the terms, accept, & sign the release. Then return here and click Yes once you are finished.

Single choice
Yes, I accepted and signed the release form. (Only check yes when you have signed the release form attached to the link below the submit button)

Yay - you are finished!  

Click below to submit all of the information above. You will receive an email shortly with all of the information you need for your gift credit that you can use towards our future work together.

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