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Britany thrives on reaching the highest potentials in

every thing she creates.

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Britany is a leading business strategist, high-performance specialist, creative extraordinaire and intuitive visionary, helping a multitude of businesses, in over 50 different industries, throughout 11 countries world-wide, with her revulutionary, intuitive approach to business growth and transformation.

Britany’s vision is to raise humanity up by enabling more people to live their dreams.

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Unlike other creators or consultants who offer entrepreneurs and growth seekers at best, disjointed pieces to the puzzle, Britany's creation strategy employs a birds eye view that takes into account all aspects of your business making every project a perfect fit for your needs. Designed to accelerate results fast, and make your life easier at the same time, Britany's work will propel you forward towards your full potential.

The depths of your trials raise the heights you will soar

-Britany Holmgren

Britany's Story

Born a creative intuitive and plunged into the depths of personal and business apocalypse, Britany’s story has not been typical. She began her business journey at the age of 21 by rescuing and selling a 600 acre family resort which included 10 different businesses. She then moved on to multiple roles as either a manager, controller, owner, entrepreneur and/or consultant for a variety of industries including a boutique hotel chain, Hawaiian resort properties, Luxury Vacation Rentals, Investment Capital, Activities / Tourism, Personal Development, Healing, Design, Coaching, Teaching, Manufacturing, E-commerce and Performance / Entertainment companies. She has raised millions in investment capital funds for different projects and coached professionals in a variety of business industries.  Fueled by the unfortunate circumstance of needing unimaginable funds to save a loved one in crisis, she worked tirelessly while fighting corruption, attaining extensive business experience and conquering more challenges in a couple years than most people encounter in a lifetime. Britany’s ability to rise above the odds is second to none and now equipped with her experiential wisdom she stops at nothing to help others reach their full potential and life dreams.


Her appeal lies in her unique approach which combines vast experience, and grand vision with an incredible ability to intuitively tune into each individual and project. She is soothing and gentle yet a powerful force she takes clients by the hand and equips them with tools and possibilities to break-through barriers, grow, create and rise up to their true potential.

Would you like Britany's insight for your business?

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At Ulu Media, we specialize in helping online entrepreneurs tap into their own unique power and potential and see new worlds of possibilities. Stop watching from the sideline and lets get you on board the ship towards your dreams.

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